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Bratislava University Hospital will carry out abortions after all

(28 Jan 2011) Facilities belonging to Bratislava University Hospital (UNB) will continue to carry out abortions if patients request them, UNB spokesperson Zuzana Čižmáriková told the TASR newswire on Thursday, January 27. “Terminations according to patients’ requests will continue to be carried out, notwithstanding the fact that this runs contrary to a new philosophy in the development of the UNB’s gynaecological and obstetrical clinics,” she said.

Health Minister Uhliarik denies banning abortions at Bratislava University hospital

(27 Jan 2011) Slovakia’s Health Minister Ivan Uhliarik of the Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) told journalists after the government’s cabinet meeting on January 26 that he had not issued any decree banning abortions at facilities of the Bratislava University Hospital (UNB), the TASR newswire wrote.

Hospital denies political link to abortion halt

(26 Jan 2011)Bratislava University Hospital has rejected allegations that its new policy effectively ending abortion procedures was introduced based on a demand or call from Health Minister Ivan Uhliarik (Christian Democratic Movement (KDH)), hospital spokesperson Zuzana Čižmáriková told the TASR newswire on Tuesday, January 25. She was responding to a report published in the Pravda daily. Many KDH members have religious objections to abortion.

Slovak teaching hospital clinics to stop performing abortions

(25 Jan 2011) All three gynaecological clinics of the Teaching Hospital in Bratislava will stop providing abortions as of February 1, 2011, even for abortions before the 12th week of pregnancy which are permitted by law in Slovakia, the Pravda daily reported on January 25.

Conscious Clauses and Reproductive Rights in Europe – who decides?

Coinciding with the resolution passed last week at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Catholics for Choice have released an advocacy guide entitled ‘In Good Conscience: Conscious Clauses and Reproductive Rights in Europe – who decides?’.

A spokesman for the Slovak Bishops’ Conference, Jozef Kováčik, has stated that all political parties said after the June 12 parliamentary elections that they have no problem fulfilling the international commitments between Slovakia and the Vatican. “We are glad that the missing treaties with the Vatican will find broad political support in the new parliament,” […]

17 Jun 2010 Flash News Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) chairman Ján Figeľ said after meeting President Ivan Gašparovič on Wednesday, June 16, that he believes adoption of two partial agreements linked to the Fundamental Treaty with the Holy See will be part of the next government manifesto.

Miroslav Kocúr, 2009 On the outside, religiously defined communities1 that dwell within civil society cannot be distinguished from other social organizations, associations or societies; on the inside, though, they are glued together by the supernatural element of shared belief in deity. read more…

VATICAN CITY, SEP 13, 2007 (VIS) – This morning in Castelgandolfo the Holy Father received the Letters of Credence of Jozef Dravecky, the new ambassador of the Slovak Republic to the Holy See. In his English-language address to the diplomat the Pope recalled how next year marks the 15th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the […]

5 Jun 2008 Flash News  An agreement on religious conscientious objection with the Vatican would violate European Union law, deputy Prime Minister Dušan Čaplovič said on June 4 following a government session in Bratislava.

List poslancov a poslankýň EP premiérovi M.Dzurindovi ohľadom pripravovanej Zmluvy o výhrade svedomia

End of Women’s Reproductive Health Freedoms in Slovakia: The Draft Treaty between the Slovak Republic and the Holy See on the Right to Exercise the Objection of Conscience Summary Slovakia is about to sign a Treaty on the Right to Exercise the Objection of Conscience with the Holy See. The draft of this treaty has […]


Lawyers warn of breach of union’s obligations • Pope proposes conscience opt-out for Slovakia By Nicholas Watt, The Guardian, 5 January 2006. “An attempt by the Vatican to reduce the number of abortions in one of central Europe’s most staunchly Roman Catholic countries is being challenged by the EU. A legal panel appointed by the European […]

Morality pact boosts Vatican’s power in Slovakia

By Ian Traynor, The Guardian, 21 April 2003. “Slovakia is planning to seal a pact with the Vatican on conscientious objection, vastly increasing the influence of Roman Catholicism in the country’s schools, hospitals, courts, and security structures. “The law on freedom of conscience would be the first such pact between a European state and the […]

Dear Mr Jansen, Draft TREATY BETWEEN THE VATICAN AND THE SLOVAK REPUBLIC ON THE RIGHT TO OBJECTION OF CONSCIENCE Following Ms Luisella Pavan Woolfe’s advice, I am writing to alert you about a new Treaty on the Right to Objection of Conscience currently negotiated by the Holy See and the Slovak Republic.

[March 2004] The Slovak Republic and the Holy See (further “Contracting Parties”), the Slovak Republic, proceeding from the Constitution of the Slovak Republic and the legal system of the Slovak Republic, and the Holy See, from the documents of the Second Vatican Council, above all from the declaration Gravissimum on education and from the norms […]

Signed on 24 November 2000 [and ratified 18 December 2000] With reference to the Holy See and the Republic of Slovakia, to the Holy See and to the documents of the Vatican Council II and to Canon Law and the Republic of Slovakia in accordance with the Constitution, with reference to internationally recognised principles on […]

Treaty between the Slovak Republic and the Holy See on pastoral care for Catholic believers in the armed forces and armed units of the Slovak Republic The Slovak Republic, recognising its duty to secure proper conditions for a permanent and adequate pastoral care for the Catholic believers within the armed forces of the Slovak Republic, […]


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